Litigation Support  and Consulting Services
Radical Software & Consulting Inc.
Providing the Best Solution
Over 30 Years Experience in Technology
York city USA. The mission was to provide consulting and to
develop tailored applications for clients.

Since early 2000 Mr. Allport has used his extensive
knowledge of technology and business to provide litigation
services.  The subject matter has covered patents,
copyrights and theft of intellectual property. Services have
been provided to both the defence and the plaintiff in cases.  
Litigation cases include financial, health care service
applications and processing ATM and Point of Sales
transactions and check imaging.

For over 25 years Mr. Allport worked in various roles in the
financial services industry.  This not only included providing
technology solutions, but also being in intimately  involved in
the creation of new business platforms.

Mr. Allport has experience in developing applications for
many business types and has operated at many different  
levels of responsibility. Roles have including: project
management, application design and programming. At all
times Mr. Allport has been strongly aligned with the business
operations in companies.

Mr. Allport is still active in the design and programming of
complex multi-tier applications using: Java, C++, C#, SQL
Server and Oracle.