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Mr. Allport has a wide range of expertise developed over
many years working with patents, including:

  • An understanding of the Supreme Court Ruling on the
    case Bikski v. Kappas (aka Bilski) in October 2009.

  • Analysing a patent to see if a patent is impacted or
    applicable after the Bilski ruling.

  • An understanding of the AIA act passed in 2011 and the
    impact on the treatment of patents.

  • An understanding of the processes and decisions
    utilized in patent examination process through the use
    the "Manual of Patent Examining Procedure", issued by
    "West a Thompson Reuters Business". This is
    conjunction with the USPTO Website resources.

  • An understanding of the USPTO "Inter Parties
    Revocation Proceedings, Inter Parties Reviews, Post
    Grant Review and Inter Parties Reexamination".

  • Performing searches of patents to locate prior art that
    could impact the case, including patents and
    publications. This uses many resources inclusing:
    Google Patents, the USPTO Website, the WIPO online
    resources and other sources detailing previous

  • Analysis of patents to extract and analyze the claims and
    litigation. This includes changes made in circumstances
    where "continuation of application" has been used by
    the patent owner.

  • Creating claim charts using one or more claims from
    the patent and matching them against the processes in
    the potentially offending computerized system.

  • Forensic analysis of computer software including:
  •  Code, class libraries, design.
  •  User Requirements.
  •  Documents detailing the design and the   
    associated tasks.
  •  Documents describing the Implementation.
  •  Database models and physical tables.
  •  Creating  documents detailing all aspects of a     
    potentially offending from the code only.

  • Analysis  of auxiliary documents such as: e-mails,
    depositions and notes from meetings.

  • Documenting and presenting findings to the attorneys
    and the client.

  • Being prepared for and participating in depositions.

  • Attending court and making presentations to a judge
    relating to a case.