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Copyright Case One
Copyright  : Automated Processing of Health  Insurance Claims

  • Engaged by     : Plaintiff

  • Result               :  Defense settled out of court.

  • Subject Matter : Software to process drug claims

In 2009 Radical Software was engaged in the role of consultant regarding
a case of possible software copyright violation.  The task was to audit an
application a copyright which had been given. The application supported
health insurance claim adjudication. The attorney in the case was Blank
Rome,  The case required:

  •  Using the technique of abstraction, filtration to split the  client
    application into the key elements.  The same task was employed

  • Examining the flow and functionality in the potentially offending
    application using a series of scenarios using a set of tests to key
    aspects of the system.

  • Performing interviews with key players in the other parties
    structure and a 3rd party to obtain; technical detail, information on
    how application was conceived, designed and implemented.

  • Creating a final report so that the client and the attorney could
    define the next steps.  This was designed in such a way that the
    comparison between the two applications could be done easily and
    with great accuracy.

  • The project took approximately 3 months.