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  Patent Sample Case Two
Patent Case : Patent for a Specific Automated Trading

  • Engaged by            : Plaintiff

  • Result                     : Unknown

  • Subject Matter       : Trading of Financial Instruments

In 2010 Radical Software was engaged by the plaintiff in case for a
patent for automated trading including platforms known as:  ATS, ECN,
Dark Pools.  

Services provided included:

  • Analysing  the patent and extracting "Claims" that could be
    used in any ensuing cases.

  • Analysing the patent to see if the patent complied with the
    Supreme Court Ruling on the case Bikski v. Kappas in
    October 2009.

  • Verifying that the patent was not compromised by "Prior

  • Working closely with the attorney to formulate claim charts
    from the patent.

  • Locating and analyzing potentially offending application.

  •  When offending applications were found Mr. Allport was
    tasked with creating the applicable claim charts for use in
    the case.

  • Product included; equities, foreign exchange, fixed income
    and munis.

  • The markets covered included; OTC and exchange traded

  • This required knowledge of all aspects of order and trades

  • Mr. Allport was required to have a deep knowledge of SEC,
    NASD, FINRA and other rules.

  • The process generated 12 potential cases.
Radical Software & Consulting Inc.
Providing the Best Solution
Patent Sample Case Two