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Expert Witness  Related to Theft of Intellectual Property
In these forms of cases Mr. Allport has to use multiple skills to
decide whether or not a person or persons stole another parties
intellectual property. The tool set brought into such cases

  • Key elements of the examination are: motif, skills to achieve
    the necessary tasks and opportunity.

  • Look at the skill sets of the party that is accused of the theft
    to see if they had the ability to take copies of items such as:
    source code, documentation, sales plans etc.

  • Look at the skills sets of the person(s) accused to actual
    perform the theft.

  • Examine any motifs of the person making the accusations
    to find: the basis for the claim and looked for any alteria  
    motives on their part.

  • Examining the systems in question to look for strong in
    areas such as: architecture, code, form flow and function.
  • Opportunity and motive on the part of the party that is
    accused of this breach of faith.

  • Review any depositions that have been taken.

  • Examining the security protocols of the owner of the
    material to see if they were not strong enough to stop any
    theft of information.

  • When the process is complete Mr. Allport produces a report
    detailing the findings and the conclusions that can be
    drawn. This is then presented to the attorney that reteained
    When the process is complete Mr. Allport produces a report