Founder: Mr. Ian Allport
Areas of Expertise

1.        Background

Mr. Allport has a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science from      
Brunel University in the United Kingdom. In over 30 years since
graduation Mr. Allport has been continually involved in technology
development.  Mr. Allport’s experience covers many different
business areas and programming languages and environments. Mr.
Allport has spent over 20 years in financial services and over 15
years in litigation support.

  Litigation Support Experience

Mr. Allport has provided litigation support services for: patents,
copyright and theft of intellectual property. Mr. Allport has been
engaged by both the plaintiff and the defense attorneys.

Subject matter has included technology used in: trading, processing
health care claims, bank processing for POS, ATM, Check Imaging
and real estate  transactions.

Part of a legal team that used Inter Parties Review CBM  to get the
USPTO to define 3 patents owned by a troll as subject matter that
could not be patented.


Mr. Allport has been deposed 5 times.

 Preparing Reports and Documents

Mr. Allport has extensive experience in creating documents for
cases including: declarations for U.S. PTO, reports detailing
commonalities between different sets of source code and reports on
prior art for patent cases.

 Comparing Source Code from Different Applications

Mr. Allport has over 30 years experience in computer technology
and still actively codes in C++, C, C++ CLR, Java, JNI and C#. Mr.
Allport also has extensive experience in database technologies. Mr.
Allport has used these skills to compare sets of source code to
locate circumstances where code has been copied or where an
application violates a copyright or patent.

Founded in 1991 : Over 30 Years of Experience
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