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Mr. Allport provides litigation support for Copyright case many skills

  • Use of abstraction, filtration to compare two applications and
    the associated processes.

  • Applying the standards of substantial similarity, look and feel
    protection and virtually identical to compare applications and

  • Using "Nimmer on Copyright".

  • Removing parts of a copyright that are considered to be in the
    Public Domain.

  • Accessing and using information from the United States
    Copyright Office, including "Circulars".

  • Creating UML and other process flow diagrams for both
    applications to located and quantify common or identical
    approaches to: mechanical processing of data, user interface
    interactions and task organization.

  • Using screen snapshots of graphical representations to
    located similarities between applications.

  • Forensic analysis of application:
  •  Code, class libraries, design.
  •  Code comparison.
  •  User Requirements.
  •  Documents detailing the design process.
  •  Documents describing the Implementation.
  •  Database models and physical tables.
  •  Creating  documents detailing all aspects of a     
    potentially offending from the code only.

  • Analysis  of auxiliary documents such as: e-mails, depositions
    and notes from meetings.

  • Documenting and presenting findings to the attorneys and the

  • Searching for information related to the subject matter and
    parties that may have violated the patent.
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